Sainsbury’s announces the 2012 Paralympic Torch Relay by Gordon Ednie

Invitation To Tender (ITT)

Invitation to Tender (ITT) Support

The Organising Committee has a responsibility to maximise its commercial revenue from Games Partners.

The ITT is one way to achieve this. ITTs are issued for the major categories of partnership, especially commercially competitive categories, to achieve a higher commercial value for the sale of the rights.

The release of the ITT brings all theoretical discussion to a close. The organisation may have five or six weeks to make a decision which will heavily impact the next five to six years. A business case affecting most business units needs to be built. A vision of the potential benefits needs to be shaped. Senior stakeholders across the business need to be aligned. A pragmatic view of the commercial value needs to be established. The likely impact of competitors acquiring the rights needs to be understood. A budget needs to be secured. A negotiation strategy needs to be developed. A clear list of contractual rights needs to be considered.

Redmandarin has provided support at this critical stage to eight Games Partners. We have a clear process to manage to respond to the ITT – but every client is different, with its own priorities and specifics. Our team provides support across the key areas:

  • commercial business case
  • visioning and topline campaign planning
  • ensuring the response addresses audience needs
  • negotiation
  • drafting the response